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About Us

Nezkot is Australia’s Premier Precision Tooling and Engineering Company.Our dynamic range of precision engineering experience has enabled us to position ourselves as an industry innovator at the forefront of engineering services and complex manufacturing applications. Our continual investment in the latest technologies and development of our world class manufacturing practices ensures that we are able to support all major industries. With outstanding supplier performance on Boeing 737, 777 and 787 programs, Nezkot has the technical expertise and the passion to deliver exceptional results.

Our Vision

We strive to continually develop our knowledge and resources to enable us to maintain our world class manufacturing capabilities.

Nezkot's mission is to assist you become more profitable. With wide-ranging expertise in a diversity of industries we can provide superior solutions for your tooling and precision engineering requirements. Our staff is dedicated to maximising the best technologies and equiptment.
This, combined with our in-house design team, enables us to provide affordable, customised engineering solutions tailored to your needs .
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