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Nezkot has over 30 years experience in delivering advanced tooling and innovative components to the automotive industry. With an extensive and diverse range of experience, Nezkot can deliver solutions tailored to your needs.

  Automotive Capabilities:

  • Assembly Jigs and Fixtures

  • Plastic Injection Moulds

  • MouldFlow Analysis

  • Vacuum Forming Tools

  • Hand tools and Assembly Aids

  • Compression Moulds for SMC, GMT & BMC

  • Rubber Moulds

  • Metal Stamping Tools

  • Plastic, Metal &  Composite Components Supply

Nezkot's Program Experience Includes:

  • General Motors Holden Commodore

  • Ford Falcon

  • Ford FPV

  • Hella Headlights

  • Siemens Instrument Clusters

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